Happenings in Lyndieland

Hello, I'm Lyndie!

For a while now I’ve been thinking it’d be nice to have a platform that I could use sort of as an extension of my Instagram to share a little more about the things I love. Those close to me like to tease me about only wanting to attend “ticketed events” like concerts, exhibitions, theme parks, etc… it’s true, I love a spectacle — but I also feel fortunate to have stumbled into a community of people (and an entire industry) that feels the same way I do about creating and experiencing magical moments. Whether it’s escapism by visiting a kitschy Polynesian tiki bar with strong drinks and volcano effects (Trader Sam’s, anyone?), a mind-melding trip into the multiverse at Meow Wolf, or a family vacation to the holy land (yes, I’m talking about Disneyland…) I’m captivated all the same and I know I’m not alone in this gazillion dollar industry.

My point is that I’ll be attempting to continuously populate this blog with my experience of experiences 😉… while I’m at it I’ll go ahead and keep a running log of what I’m up to in school, too! I’m part of the University of Colorado’s MFA in Experience Design. We’re the inaugural cohort of the accelerated professional masters degree that feels oddly tailored to me as a self-proclaimed theme park junky. I’ll be graduating in December of 2019, so look out world!

Want to learn a little more about me? Take a peek at my statement of purpose that I wrote for admission to the MFA program. Since writing that, I’ve gained invaluable real-world experience from my time at Super 78 in Los Angeles as well as from my current position at Bolder Interactive. I’ve fallen in love with LA and the themed entertainment industry that inhabits it - I hope to make my way back after graduation!

View of downtown LA from the Griffith Observatory, one of my all time favorite places.

View of downtown LA from the Griffith Observatory, one of my all time favorite places.